9 Unique Gift Ideas

        It's that time of year again, the holidays are quickly approaching, and people everywhere are looking for the perfect gift to give their loved ones. Many people struggle with finding the perfect gift for their friends and family. It can be hard when you aren't sure of their interests or what they may appreciate. This is where our Unique Gift Guide comes in handy: A list of gifts that cover all interests and budgets, so there will be something for everyone on your list.

1. A Cashmere Scarf

        Cashmere scarves are great gifts for people who appreciate the finer things in life, especially if it's winter when they anyhow need a scarf and are sure to enjoy the luxury. It's a gift that is both functional and stylish, making it one of the best types of holiday gifts. With the wide array of colors, patterns, and textures available, you are bound to find one that fits your loved one's style. If you like the idea but find it a little pricey, you may want to consider an alpaca beanie, gloves, ear warmers or even throw blanket instead. Your loved ones won't be cold this winter with this cozy gift! 

2. Personalized Gifts

        One of the best things about personalized gifts is that they are unique, show the recipient how much you appreciate them, and took the time to personalize their gift. It can be anything from a personalized baseball for your beloved sports fan, a personalized bottle opener for the friend who loves a good drink, or a personalized glass cutting board for a friend who loves tinkering in the kitchen. This option may be perfect when you are unsure what to get, as the fact that you made it personal can be more meaningful than the gift itself.

3. A Watch

        A watch can be a good gift idea for the right person, although to make sure they'll actually appreciate it you should probably ask yourself the following. Does this person generally wear a watch? If yes, make sure there is something unique about the one you're buying them over whatever they have. If not, first make sure they'd actually wear it, and if yes, you may be fine going along with a simpler and probably cheaper option. Good examples are, the limited edition Strond DC-3 Automatic Watch, adorned with a dial tag made from the wing of a WWII bomber aircraft, this is certainly a more unique and expensive option. As a simpler option consider the O/Z Men's Luxury Chronograph Watch, with an array of color options, classic looks and a build that's made to last, it's a gift that's sure to impress.

4. Handmade Jewelry
        This may not be an option for giving just anyone, but if you think you've got the right person in mind this can certainly be a unique option. Whether ring, earrings or necklace, with Quartz, labradorite or chrysocolla stones, these artisanal creations come in options both many and unique, making this a gift you'll be remembered for long after.

5. Wood Wick Candle

        With their flickering flames, faint firewood crackle and aromatic scents a cozy and rustic mood is set. With scents ranging from honeysuckle or ocean breeze to blueberry or lovespell, you're sure to find one that'll be loved. We can't think of anyone who wouldn't appreciate this one! 

6. Handmade Soap Bar

        There are many different handmade soap options to choose from, but whether for it's scent or health benefit, your choice is sure to delight. The antibacterial properties of lemongrass along with the moisturizing quality of poppy seed, make our lemongrass poppy seed soap a great option. Or if you'd rather deep cleansing with an invigorating scent, make sure to try our lavender charcoal soap.

7. Vinyl Record Clock

        Well, this one is quite unique. Carved from old vinyl records and with many interesting styles and designs, you're sure to find one that will please your friend or loved one. This is a gift that's perfect for the music lover in your life. The clock can really set the tone in the room, giving a retro and rustic feel. What more can we say, truly timeless.

8. Cufflinks

        Cufflinks are a great option for a man who likes to dress up. You can find cufflinks in many different styles and designs to suit all tastes and personalities. From more formal sea shell cufflinks or carbon fiber cufflinks and stickpin set to US flag cufflinks for the patriot or electric guitar cufflinks for the musician. This is a gift can also be personalized, making it all the more unique.

9. Turkish Towel

        Otherwise known as Peshtemal, Hammam or Fouta towels, Turkish towels are made from premium Turkish cotton and are know to become even softer, fluffier and more absorbent with time. Of course they also come in many different colors, designs and sizes. So weather you choose a beach, bath or hand towel or maybe even choose to make it a set, this is a gift that'll be sure to come in to good use.

        If you are having a hard time finding the perfect gift for someone, why not look up these ideas on an online gift shop? Whatever they enjoy, there is something on this list that everyone will love. These gifts all make excellent options, can be used daily, and they are unique and stylish.