About Us

        About us is a strange title when we're all about you, and the smile on your face. You see, we could have chosen to sell just about anything, but we wanted to make a difference. And that difference starts with your gift! It's now made a loved one smile, who then goes on to share the cheer with a friend. The friend then goes on to share a kind word with a neighbor, who then does something nice for another... The ball's now rolling, and is there a better way to start it than with a gift? So come on and join in, after all it is about us, all of us! Together!

        Well, if you're still wondering who we are and what we do, ShipShopShack was founded in the late summer of 2021 in Brooklyn, New York by a young couple named Asher and Devorah. Our founders wished to create a space where both our customers can be delighted by a fun and growing curation of giftable items, and where artisans and craftsmen can find a place to showcase their creations.

Is there a better way to make people smile?

Happy gifting!

The ShipShopShack Team